Rachel Cassidy

About Rachel

Rachel Cassidy is an Australian Author contracted to an Australian publisher- Rachel writes true crime, novels, socially conscious, non -fiction and children’s books.

She is an engaging speaker who appears in the Who’s Who of Australian Women she has spent many years working in the not – for profit sector supporting youth at risk and vulnerable women and children. During her impressive career Rachel has interviewed well known celebrities, politicians, sports people and community leaders.

About Stalked

Stalked: The Human Target is a detailed account of the effects of stalking, which is experienced by a shockingly high proportion of the population. Celebrities like David Letterman and Madonna are the highest profile targets of stalkers, but ordinary people are also targeted, harassed and bullied.
Rachel Cassidy, herself the target of a stalker, tells the stories of people who have been pursued by stalkers and the devastating effects that has had on their lives. Sometimes the stalker’s behaviour becomes violent. Dancing with the Stars judge Mark Wilson had two dancing schools burned to the ground and his career destroyed. The man who stalked Jodie Foster attempted to assassinate President Reagan to gain her attention.

Stalked is a perceptive analysis of stalking from the inside – told by the targets, the stalkers, and the experts who deal with the havoc wreaked by the people who harass or persecute others with unwanted and obsessive attention.